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Small Corner Computer Desk Buyers Guide

A corner computer desk is probably the ultimate solution to using your space in the best possible way. Too many times home owners waste the corner space of a room on a diagonal couch, a strange accessory, or something else which can make the room feel cluttered, closed in, and claustrophobic.

Don't make the mistake of buying a cheap computer desk. A computer desk is a necessity in the modern home or office and as such it should be considered a serious purchase for those who want to make sure they have a stylish and functional place in which to live and work. Whether you need a small computer desk or a large one, the truth is that you have many options to choose from. Not only can you choose from a wide variety of styles and materials, but you can also choose based upon the type of computer you are going to be using, the amount of work you will be doing, and where you will be putting your computer desk.

For example, putting an L-shaped computer desk in a room that is mostly filled with soft rounded edges might be a mistake because the overall aesthetic and design of the room will be cut short by the hard edges and angles of your work station. By the same token, if you have a room in which modern hard line furniture sits and you buy a double s curve design you will be throwing things off. You take the time to make sure your home, home office, or business workplace looks good, don't destroy all of your hard work by choosing the wrong corner computer desks!

You have a lot of choices to makes. Choices that will make a difference in how much work you are able to do, how long you will be at the desk, where the desk will go and what kind of computer you will be working on. Home computer desks are often a big mistake because people don't take all these factors into account when they are picking out the right design. Instead they go to a discount furniture market and buy some terrible design which limits their productivity, destroys their overall design concept, or doesn't fit with the computer work they are doing.

Let's take a look at the many factors you should consider when you are purchasing a computer desk.

The type of work you do

If you are a graphics designer, there is a large likelihood that you will need an abundance of flat surface space for sketches, layout, plans, and other materials. In addition you will need an area where you can have easy access to your printer so that you don't have to get up from the desk and make frequent trips across the room to retrieve whatever it is that you have printed out. In this case, corner computer desks are most likely the best option for you. You will have the flat spaces to work on and since you have the corner to provide stability and anchoring, you can keep your printer close at hand.

A writer, on the other hand might be perfectly content with a small corner computer desk which blends into the rest of the office thus leaving space for bookshelves, reading chairs, and the other things that are needed for inspiration. The same goes for those who work primarily with text documents.

Your overall decor or theme

If you live in a deluxe villa filled with hand carved, inlaid wood furniture, the last thing you want is to place a particle board, laminate small corner computer desk in the midst of all that luxury. Take the time to find something that will not only serve as a computer desk, but also fit with the style you've taken the time to arrange.

Alternatively, if you work in a slick, all metal, burnished art deco office it probably doesn't make sense to get a mahogany corner computer desk with dark features, etched glass cabinets, and polished brass fittings.

Materials and colors

Along the same lines as decor, the materials you use are important. If you will be using a razor knife to cut out designs, you might want to choose a glass computer desk. If your office is all dark wood with light streaming in through big windows, a black computer desk could be just what you are looking for. Color and materials are important. Sure, the first thing is functionality, but in fact, the color and material of your small corner computer desk will play a part in how well you do your work. Psychologists have determined that humans have strong preferences for certain types of materials so if you are a person who runs hot, a cool glass computer desk might be just the thing.

Which room will it go in?

It may sound funny, but the truth is that some people work best in their bedrooms or even in the kitchen. Figure out where you get the most work done and then look at ways that you can incorporate the right design into your working strategy. If you are making trips to the kitchen every five minutes, it might actually increase your productivity to move your office into the kitchen!

For most of us however, it makes a lot more sense to work in a library, living room, office, or study. There is something powerful about having a big wood computer desk where you can see whomever walks into the room immediately. Of course, you might prefer to be able to look out the window as you work.

Generally, putting a computer desk in the living room is a big mistake. The distractions of human traffic, television, and the comings and goings of daily life mean that you will not be able to concentrate on your work. If you must put your computer desk in the living room, it is best to set it up in a corner where you don't get distracted by the many goings on about you. A small corner computer desk in this situation is probably the right choice for you.

What material makes you feel good?

There are theories that say that each of us is tuned in to a basic material. Workplace psychology has shown that based on temperament, the materials that you work on determine how well you do your work and how good (or bad) you feel about your work when you are done. One way to test this theory is to take your laptop with you when you go shopping for a home computer desk or office computer desk. Sit at desks of different materials and pay attention to how each of them makes you feel. If you notice a significant difference, find a way to work that material into your home or office environment.

Purchasing a computer desk is more than just slapping a piece of flat board down over two saw horses. If you take the time to find the right one, chances are that you will significantly improve the quality of your life. After all, you will spend a lot of your life at your home computer desk.

Hardwood Corner Computer Desk for the Modern Home Office

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Modern homes nearly always need an office space, if not a designated room for work. One of the greatest pleasures in life is decorating your space to make it reflect who you are. And when it comes to office space, nothing compares to the rich textures and warm, inviting colors of real wood.

Anyone who’s ever decorated a small space before understands implicitly the need for space conservation. Even in a large room, space conservation is a necessary consideration as a room that is completely dominated by furniture feels stuffy and claustrophobic. As such, a corner desk is usually a great choice for any room. It allows the office space to be confined to a single area, which is particularly nice when the home you have doesn’t actually have a room for an office.

hardwood computer desk
hardwood computer desk

by Ewan McIntosh, http://www.flickr.com/photos/edublogger/

Natural wood has two major benefits for corner desks. For one thing, all natural wood tends to be sturdy and reliable. Moving it across the room isn’t likely to make it fall apart, unlike what you’d expect from pressboard desks. While it’s true that soft woods, such as pine, are less expensive than say, oak, they also dent more easily and are more prone to easy scratching. However, even a solid pine desk is a better investment than a pressboard, prefabricated piece of furniture bought at the local “Shop Box ‘n Save”.

The other advantage to a natural wood corner desk is its beauty. Your corner desk doesn’t have to be all function. With the right desk and some careful consideration, you can bring something into the room that is not only practical but visually appealing. If you’re careful, your desk can actually pull the whole room together. You won’t be investing just in a work-space; you’ll be investing in a piece of your home, something that makes the space yours and reflects a piece of you to anyone that walks in the room.

Natural wooden corner computer desks come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are designed to take up as little space as possible and come complete with slide out trays for keyboards and cubbyholes for the computer tower. Some are meant to double as storage space and can be quite large, with shelves and drawers and are basically a completely self-contained office right there, in the desk. Some desks are minimalist and are little more than a table that fits in a corner. It all comes down to your sense of style, wood preference and individual needs but in the end, a beautiful wooden corner desk can completely remake your room into a cozy, comfortable space to work in.

The best kind of desk is one made of a sturdy, hard wood that matches the other furniture in your room and doesn’t detract from the style of the room as a whole. Remember that a desk investment is worth taking your time with and spending the extra money for something you won’t be replacing.

White computer desk

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If you are very concerned about the style, then a white computer desk is the best option for you. With the help of white computer desk you can add a great look to your room. White desks represent a combination of old Oriental and European design styles, they are differentiated by their style of transitional design. They provide a complete combination of old and new. When we talk about white computer desks, you can always select between something which will make your place look either contemporary or classic. It is good to get a white chair along with your white desk, it makes it look more beautiful. It will also give feel of completion. Ordinary computer desks usually come in black or brown, compared to these desks white computer desks are more attractive. You guests will be impressed by the transitional style of white desks.

If you have dust problem in your room, white desks are good in beating this problem. White desks hide the dust practically. These desks are normally made of plywood, veneer, hardwood or a strong MDF material, you will find them in white PVC finishing. Natural wood is used in more expensive desks, for instance a white maple, which is hand finished. The outer look is not the only thing to be considered while buying a white computer desk. You must also make sure that it is comfortable and that it has practical functionality and durability. The desk should come with a roll out keyboard tray, a separate place for CPU units, shelves for specific types of equipment and sections for documents. The desk should also have a drawer.

If you are going for a complicated desk, you should make sure that it is assembled in advance. Assembling a complex desk can be hard sometimes, especially if it has a number of shelves and sections. It is not necessary that all the desks are truly white, since some come with a dull white color, which makes other colors of the wood obvious. A white computer desk is good for both youngsters and adults. You can make the room of your children look beautiful by getting a white computer desk for the room.

You can have the feeling of coziness when you have a white computer desk in your room, and it also allows you to express your style in a clean manner. It may be in a living room or your workplace and a white computer desk can be the best piece which can decorate your room. If you are on a limited budget and really need to upgrade the furniture in your office or home, then the best option you have is a modular computer desk.

You can customize the parts of the modular white computer desk that you really want to have. At the time when your budget increases a little bit, you can buy the other parts of the desk . Buying a modular computer desk is a great idea for those who are ready to compromise with the style, but don’t want to break their bank balance. For instance, when you assemble the desk in your office, you will definitely feel it is wonderful. And no problem if there are additional items which come with the desk that you can’t afford at the beginning.

As I said earlier, if you are tight on budget, you should buy the modular computer desk first. The first thing you may want to buy is a 2 drawer filing cabinet. And the next month if you have a little extra money left you can buy another filing drawer. In the following month, you can add the hutch to your computer desk. This way you will not have to break your bank account.

No matter if you are working from home full time or part time, a white computer desk can be useful to you in many ways. You can find these white computer desks in many styles, which include L shaped desks, corner cubical patterns, and glass desks. The kind of desk you want to buy depends on the available space in your office or home and the kind of furniture you wan to have.

Your desk should fit both you and your computer without any complications, at the same time it should be a part of your office. A white computer desk is one of the best solutions for the home environment, as it also gives your office a pleasing and light atmosphere, where as the black and brown colors bring a serious atmosphere. In the past, people preferred to buy desks in black or brown, but nowadays people are getting modern in their preferences and mind set. Today, a white computer desk is the hottest selling piece of furniture. The great advantage of having a white computer desk is that it hides the dust very well.

Your desk will need to accommodate both you and your computer with ease while at the same time looking the part in your office. Using a white color desk is one of the best solutions for the home environment or for giving your office a light and pleasing ambient feel. While the typical black and brown colors are also very popular, they do tend to bring a rather somber and too serious atmosphere into your space. Years ago this was desirable, however people nowadays, particularly those that work from home and are more modern in mind and preferences, opt for a more open style of furniture that really lightens up the rooms and enhances their sense of creativity while sitting at the computer.

L-shaped computer desk

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There are two main advantages of L-shaped computer desks compared to other kinds of desks. One is that they provide a great work space and another is they are more space efficient compared to other desks. When you have to arrange books, papers and other things on your desk, an L-shaped computer desk is a great solution and it is well appreciated by many people.

You build in additional space when you use these kinds of desks, so it is possible for you to keep an organized line of supplies on top of the desk along with your computer. The L-shaped computer desk lets you to assign and dedicate a separate section of your room to your office space. Office space is made by the use of desk edges that acts like the two walls of the office. This works well especially when the room is also being used for other purposes.

L-shaped desks can also be used to make the parition of separate cubicles in a space which is taken by different workers who do not have their own separate cubicles. An L-shaped desk is good for providing space efficiency in a cubicle setting and also in the corners of the room. These desks are easily lined up with the walls of a cubicle. So, you can create some kind of flexibility in workspace and you can also utilize the floor space efficiently. The regions of the L-shaped computer desk can be separated according to the task work areas of the workers or for space of the computer, they separately select how to manage the space. Attaching an optional hutch to the desk is a great solution, whether the desk is kept against the walls or in a corner of a room. This will help you to optimize the workspace even more, and also allows you to shelve the area and storage, and you don’t have to place anything on top of the desk.

An L-shaped desk helps you in acquiring an uncluttered workspace and uses the space efficiently. These desks are useful for students who always need a big space for their papers, reference materials, home work, and some additional paperwork.

Students will be in search of extra desk space with the traditional kind of desk, this makes their working and studying difficult. Though there are also many advantages, there is one disadvantage of an L-shaped computer desk and that is the difficulty in moving it from one place to another after they are completely arranged and set up. If you assemble the desk without applying the glue, then you can easily dismantle it while moving it from one place to another.

You can get an L-shaped computer desk in different materials. These includes fiberboard, steel and wood. Some of them are made of real wood, but they are quite expensive. You can find the desks with different features such as hidden or open CPU sections, flexible shelves, and storage units for CDs, keyboard pull out trays, file drawers, pencil drawers and utility drawers. You can buy these desks in so many varieties or colors like black, gray, charcoal, cinnamon, maple, teak, black, cherry red and gray etc. You can get the finishes such as a glossy black or alumi-cast laminates and melamine, the price varies according to the kind of finish that you choose. There are different models and styles that can fit your space and nees,, it is not difficult to find the right kind of L-shaped computer desk that meets your requirements.

A computer desk which is L-shaped is a great solution for many offices since it can use the corner or short wall which might be hard to handle by a regular computer desk. There are numerous reasons to place yourself behind these types of desks.

L-shaped desks are well adapted for home offices and for those students who have only limited space. The reason for this is because they provide economical use of space. These desks are especially made to provide the maximum space which can be had. You often experience several issues with traditional styles of desks.

The main problem with an L-shaped desk is that you will end up facing the wall all the time. Because of that, you end up using a large amount of space by keeping the desk inside the room with either one end opposite to a wall or with the featured desk in the room.

For such situations an L-shaped computer desk is a great solution. It lets you to have the opportunity to have the room that you are looking for and gives your computer and work space some efficiency. At the same time L shaped desks are great at affording you the space that you are looking for in your office or room. L-shaped desks are also a great option for individuals who are working with different pieces of equipment.

For instance, an L-shaped computer desk is perfect for people who work on several computers at the same time or who need space to store printers, phone, and fax nearby but just little bit away from